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Best Spa and Top 5 Facials in San Mateo 2024

When you're in good hands, you're in good skin...

s k i n  r i t u a l s   b y  G i n a

Discover Your Daily Skin Care Ritual

s t a r t i n g  y o u r  d a y 

Cosmetic Bottles

"The guessing game was over... Gina guided me in finding the perfect skincare products for my morning at-home skin ritual."



"It is more than just a facial, it is sacred time peeled away from my busy day, where Gina tailors her skills around what my skin is craving in that moment."

t a k i n g  t i m e  o u t

Facial Mask



Best of Burlingame & San Mateo

9 consecutive years bringing our best to the Peninsula

w i n d i n g
d o w n

"Gina has taught me that a great skincare routine has to be coupled with a nourishing lifestyle, encompassing my mind, body and soul, in order to achieve results. It is all connected."


"Knowing that I have the best support my skin could possibly get is a wonderful feeling. My skin has never been more radiant, because I am in such good hands." 

a  r e s t f u l  n i g h t

Gina Barron at Rituals Aesthetic Skin Care


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When you're in good hands, you're in good skin.

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