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Perfectly Angled Brow Brush


Introducing the Ecobrow Defining Brush, the ultimate tool for achieving perfectly sculpted brows. This dual sided brush features an angled side, crafted with high-quality taklon fibers, to flawlessly apply the Ecobrow Defining Wax with precision. The spoolie brush on the other end is perfect for blending and grooming your brows to perfection, giving you a natural and polished look. Designed for easy and smooth application, this brush is the perfect companion to our defining wax, allowing you to create and maintain stunning brows effortlessly. Whether you're filling in sparse areas or creating a bold, defined look, the Ecobrow Defining Brush is a must-have for any brow enthusiast.

ecobrow defining brush

  • • Pro-quality brow brush

    • Perfectly angled

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