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Oxygenate Face & Body


This glow-boosting bundle by Le Mieux includes the easy-to-use Ionized Oxygen Infuser, skin-strengthening Oh My Glow Activator, and the breakthrough, illuminating Oh My Glow Serum. The sleek, oxygenating infuser dispenses an ultra-fine, line-filling mist, when combined with OMG activator and serum, will instantly hydrate, nourish, and brighten skin, leaving a glistening, “glass skin” glow. No need for hands-on application of skincare products—evenly infuses micronized particles for immediate absorption—creating a cooling, de-stressing misting system for FACE and ENTIRE BODY.

oh my glow trio

  • Includes:
    Ionized Oxygen Infuser
    Oh My Glow Activator – 8 oz 
    Oh My Glow Serum – 1 oz 

    • Ionized Oxygen Infuser: an easy-to-use professional grade skincare tool that sprays oxygenating infuser dispenses an ultra-fine, line-filling mist for instant volume and a “glass skin” glow

    Oh My Glow Activator: formulated with skin-strengthening kombucha, cell-energizing manganese and brightening tranexamic acid

    Oh My Glow Serum: featuring the revolutionary Hya10+ Complex with 10 different forms of hyaluronic acid, synergizes with skin-firming peptides and niacinamide to volumize skin, tranexamic acid for brightening, while genuine diamond powder diffuses a luminous glow

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